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Wolcott High School provides a positive learning environment where students are engaged in meaningful learning for success in the 21st Century.

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457 Bound Line Road

Wolcott, CT 06716

Main Office 203 879-8164 Fax 203 879-8167



Mr. Shawn Simpson                                                                                         Mr. Joseph Morgan

Superintendent                                                                                                  Assistant Principal

Mr. Walter Drewry                                                                                             Mr. Bryan MacKay

Principal                                                                                                           Assistant Principal


School Counseling Department

Mr. Mark Wursthorn, Director of School Counseling

Mrs. Kelley Brochu, Counselor

Mrs. Alyssa Giedra, Counselor

Mrs. Taryn Villano-Corso, Counselor

Nancy Cyr, Career Center Coordinator

Jennifer Lynch, School Counseling Secretary



The Town of Wolcott, located in New Haven County between the large cities of Hartford and Waterbury, was incorporated in 1796. It is a growing residential community with stable commercial and industrial resources. Its population of approximately 16,200 shows support for its three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school with two alternative programs.



Wolcott High School is a four-year comprehensive high school serving approximately 679 students in grades nine through twelve. It is fully accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges.


Class of 2022 Post Secondary Plans: 169 Students

2-Year and 4-Year Colleges: 83%

Gap year: 3%

Undecided: 2%

Military: 4%

Trade School: 3%

Employment: 5%


School Schedule and Total Instruction Time:

Total instructional time for the school year is 910 hours. The high school operates on a block schedule. Each block is 75 minutes long. Students meet periods 1 through 4 on an “A” Day and 5 through 8 on a “B” Day. Freshmen and sophomores must be enrolled in a minimum of 7.0 credits per year and juniors and seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of 6.5 credits per year. A school year consists of two semesters. Both full year and semester classes are available.

Classes that meet every day for a full year earn 1.0 credit and classes that meet every day for one semester earn .50 credit. A student Flex/Discovery Program meets for 35 minutes daily throughout the academic year for intervention and enrichment.





Course Levels:

Advanced Placement (AP)/University of Connecticut Early College Experience (ECE)/Tunxis Community College (TCC) courses provide instruction for students whose academic performance is among the highest of students at that grade level and in that particular academic discipline in which the course is offered. Students taking these courses exhibit the highest level of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills and are dedicated to performing academic work. These courses demand a very serious commitment of time and effort, both in and outside of the classroom.


Honors courses are designed for the student whose academic performance is well above grade level and is committed to academic work. Students who perform at this level exhibit high degrees of imagination and the ability to draw conclusions, analyze and synthesize information. These courses require a serious commitment of student time and effort, both in and outside of the classroom.


College and Career Readiness courses are designed for students who will continue their education at a two or four year college, university or specialized school. Instruction is designed to develop higher level verbal, writing and study skills and to increase content knowledge. These courses also develop abstract, complex language concepts.


Rank and Course Levels:

Rank is determined by student performance in courses based on this scale:


AP/UConn ECE/TCC courses have a factor of 1.20

Honors Courses have a factor of 1.10

College and Career Readiness courses have a factor of 1.00


Graduation Requirements:

To graduate from Wolcott High School, a student must have earned a minimum of 25 credits. The specific requirements follow:


25 Total Credits


9.0 Humanities including Civics and the Arts

9.0 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

1.0 World Language

1.0 Health and Safety

1.0 PE and Wellness

1.0 Junior Seminary (Mastery-Based Diploma Assessment)

3.0 Elective Credits (One must be CTE, Art or Music)

40 hours of Community Service


Humanities (Including Civics and the Arts)

9.0 Credits



Required Credits

Required Courses



English 9, English 10, English 11, Any Senior English 12 Course

Social Studies


1.0 Modern US History

.5 Civics and .5 SS Elective or 1.0 AP Government

Courses that would fulfill the additional 2 credits required in Humanities & the Arts





STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

9.0 Credits



Required Credits

Required Courses



1.0 Biology



1.0 Algebra I


Courses that would fulfill the additional 3.0 credits required in STEM






Student Development & Wellness

2.0 Credits


Health & Safety

1.0 Wellness Health and Safety I

PE & Wellness

1.0 Wellness Health and Safety II


World Language

1.0 Credit in any World Language (Recommended: 3.0 Credits in the same language for 4-year colleges)


Mastery-Based Diploma Assessment

1.0 Credit Junior Seminar


Any Career Technical Education, Art or Music Class

1.0 Credit


Elective Credits

2.0 Credits in any category


Total Credits

25 Credits


Please note: With the exception of Algebra I and World Language, high school courses that are completed during middle school do not count towards the specific requirements outlined above but do count toward the total 25 credits.



Grading System

Report cards are issued quarterly. Progress reports are available electronically every day during the school year via the PowerSchool portal.


90-100 Excellent 80-89 Above average 70-79 Average 65-69 Below average 64 and below Failing





Honor Roll

An Honor Roll is published at the end of each marking period. It is calculated as an unweighted numerical average using credit value per marking period.

High Honors Average 92 or above (no grade lower than 70 in any subject)

First Honors Average of 87 to 91 or above (no grade lower than 70 in any subject)

Second honors Average 82 to 86 or above (no grade lower than 70 in any subject)


Extracurricular Activities

15 team sports (members of NVL conference) for males and females 25 clubs and organizations


Honor Societies

National Honor Society                          Spanish National Honor Society             French National Honor Society

Science National Honor Society             Tri-M Music Honor Society                     National Technical Honor Society

National Art Honor Society                     Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society


Comprehensive Offerings and Programs

University of Connecticut (UConn) Early College Experience (ECE) courses:

UConn ECE English                              UConn ECE Statistics                           UConn ECE Physics

UConn ECE U.S. History Since 1877      UConn ECE American Studies               UConn ECE French Global Culture

UConn ECE Medical Terminology          UConn ECE Chemistry                          UConn ECE Philosophy

UConn ECE Engineering Applied Mechanic-Static System                                  UConn ECE Intro to Health Careers


Advanced Placement (AP) courses:

AP Biology                                            AP Psychology                                     AP US Government and Politics

AP Studio Art                                        AP Calculus AB                                     AP Spanish Language

AP French Global Culture                       AP Music Theory


Tunxis Community College (TCC) courses:

TCC Intro to Business                           TCC Personal Finance


Honors courses are offered in English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Applied Education, and Music. Lab Sciences: Chemistry, Physics and Biology


Other programs:

Nursing Assistant Certification               Capstone project                       SHAPE (Self Help and Personal Enrichment)            STEP                                                    Phoenix                                    Partnership Programs- local community colleges

Bristol Technical Education


Special Education Programs in compliance with State and federal statutes. Wolcott High School provides a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the specific educational needs of students whose handicaps have

resulted in disabilities.


All students must take the SAT in Grade 11, as State law requires.

SAT School Day mean scores - Class of 2023

ERW: 514; Math: 494; Total: 1008; 159 test takers


Advanced Placement Information

2022 AP Scholar Report:

We had 6 AP Scholars (3.75 average score), 3 AP Scholar with Honor (4.17 average score), and 4 AP Scholars with Distinction (4.32 average score).


2022 - 5 Year Score Report Summary:

Percentage of total AP Students with scores 3+: 57.66% in 2022



Dear Wolcott High School Students and Parents:

The mission statement of Wolcott High School speaks to providing "a positive learning environment" for our students. We, the Administration and Staff, seek to provide our students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to become responsible citizens. To do so, we are pledged to taking an active role in the intellectual and social growth of each student. The success of our endeavors can only be realized with the cooperation of the students and the support of the parents. Through our joint efforts, students will graduate from Wolcott High School prepared to succeed in the 21st Century.